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Oliver Akers Douglas

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  There are 30 paintings for sale priced
between £750 and £6,000.

Oliver Akers Douglas is, for me, the foremost landscapist of our generation. His deeply felt, deeply considered meditations on English country invest with heroism this land that, though frequently green, is seldom merely pleasant. Even on a small scale there is an expansiveness to Akers Douglas's work: he sees the bigger picture and confidently re-mints it for our own time, creating modern images that suggest the long continuum of English Landscape painting, at the same time quotidian and sublime.

Akers Douglas's painting is poetic but unpretentious. At one level, these are simply images of fields and trees; occasionally a path bisects the lushness, a tiny house or farm building. The vision is pleasing: this, after all, is how country ought to look - permanent, uncompromising, rich and beautiful. At another level, each is an artist's experiment, a study in how truthfully to convey in paint the vigour of an image that is never still, never free from the shadows of shifting weather, the scars of passing seasons. He paints without self-indulgence enormous, muscular skies, walls of trees, sandbanks of ripening crops - layering the paint thickly, dewily to create an impression that mirrors its subject's fecundity. He applies the same bravura technique to his still lifes, figure studies and portraits, so that the method of painting is as much a part of these pictures as the subject. In his painting he expresses a vision that is personal in a style that is his own, but in doing so attains the goal of every representative artist, finding eternity in each moment and snapshot of being.

Matthew Dennison, London, 2004

Oliver Akers Douglas (30) trained at Camberwell School of Art, and has been the beneficiary of numerous art prizes and a substantial art bursary. Included in this, his second one-man exhibition, are landscapes inspired by locations as diverse as the Yorkshire countryside, London skyscapes and the Irish coastline. Akers Douglas also undertakes portrait commissions.

15th-20th November, 2004

Oliver Akers Douglas

Air Gallery
32 Dover Street
London W1S 4NE

Monday to Friday:


Or by appointment

Telephone during exhibition:
020 7409 1544

Exhibition arranged jointly by Josie Eastwood Fine Art and Maclean Fine Art.


Cat Maclean 020 7589 4384

Josie Eastwood 01962 776677