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Oona Campbell
New Paintings

The marvellous painterly effects that first attracted me to Oona's painting - the loose handling, the surfaces built up through the accumulation of stains and glazes - remain firmly moored to the experience of actual
landscapes and riverscapes, while at the same time carrying a powerful emotive charge. There are affinities here with an empirical landscape tradition as well as with abstract expressionism. And anyone who still thinks that all contemporary art is something arid and conceptual and over-hyped would certainly benefit from seeing Oona's recent paintings; she can look closely, handle paint, and create persuasive illusionistic spaces. There is also something very fresh and immediate about what she is doing. These are rich, complex paintings that grow more compelling the longer one spends around them.

Bunny Smedley
Arts Editor
Electric Review

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10–15 May 2004
Oona Campbell

New Paintings

Arndean Gallery
23 Cork Street
London W1
t 020 7589 4384

10th-15th May 2004

Monday to Friday:


or by appointment

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