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Jia Juan Li

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Jia Juan Li was born in Huangzhou, China and is today one of the most sought after Asian female artists. In 1996 she was granted a two-year full scholarship by the French Government to study at the Ecole d`Art, d'Aix en Provence. In 2004 she received the Prix de L'Auteurs dans les Arts Graphiques et Plastiques from the Prix International d' Art Contemporain de Monte Carlo, one of the most respected honours of the international art scene. She continues to work from her studio in the centre of Paris and regularly visits China.

Her most recent paintings depict female life at Court during the Qing Dynasty. This period in Chinese history – a remarkably rich one from a cultural perspective – fascinates Jia and has proved to be a major source of inspiration for her. The paintings all have a profoundly Chinese expression and atmosphere but it is also very clear that Jia has incorporated Western oil techniques in their execution. It is this fusion of East and West which gives her work both subtlety and impact.

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